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Voice Server North America (East) outage

by GL_Support, 2 days ago

There is currently a networking issue affecting our North America (East) location. The Network is coming back online progressively. Sorry for the service interruption.

UPDATE: Network issues have been resolved, and all servers should be up and running. If your server is still down, please contact



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Service Interruption Due to Amazon Cloud Storage Outage

by GL_Support, 59 days ago

 Yes, we are experiencing image and page load problems like many other websites due to Amazons AWS cloud server outage. When services are restored we will update our Twitter and this post 

AWS Status dashboard:

Sorry for the service interruption. 



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Double Billing Issue Resolved

by GL_Support, 73 days ago

We have fixed the double billing issue where your site was losing 2 days every day instead of 1. We are currently in the process of applying the number of days lost to everyone's account.

If your site has been made inactive due to this bug, please contact us through Support and let us know so we can manually apply days to your account while we work on bulk applying the appropriate days to everyone's account.

We're sorry for the inconvenience!

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